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Our mission

Maison Lyse-Beauchamp has two residential accommodations, a community resource and a certified resource which are defined as components of an autonomous social movement and public interest as social transformation agents who act in the sense of improving quality of the social urban fabric.

Maison Lyse-Beauchamp (Community housing resource and certified housing resource) is a non-profit corporation.

The community housing resource has for mission the social rehabilitation of the people living in Antoine-Labelle area. It offers temporary accommodation, support and guidance to vulnerable clients at risk of homelessness as well as adults in social emergency. The community housing resource provides also residential units for people with special needs in housing.

The certified housing resource has for mission to provide a therapeutic program and a rehabilitation program addressing a mixed population of 18 years and over, with a drug problem, alcohol abuse (with or without disorder concomitant) and may have a problem associated with pathological gambling. It also provides an addiction treatment program in three parts such as, recovery, therapy and social rehabilitation for a period of 10 to 180 days.

Maison Lyse-Beauchamp (community housing resource and certified housing resource) receives donations, legs and other similar contributions in money, furniture or real estate; it administers such gifts, legs and contributions. She organizes sales campaigns with the aim of raising funds for the purposes of the corporation.