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Maison Lyse-Beauchamp offers for more than fifteen years now a weekly support group and relapse prevention for people who have a substance and/or alcohol abuse problem, with or without concomitant disorder, the Antoine-Labelle.

The objectives of these meetings are to prevent relapses, reduce isolation and to make them aware of their own responsibilities.

These weekly meetings offer a place of privacy where participants can discuss the positive and negative aspects of their lives. Participants address different topics which they choose together with the counselor. Participants may be asked to perform exercises related to the topics such as the creation of a support network, emotional dependency, grief, forgiveness, anger etc... and with the aim of promoting development tools.

Attendance at such meeting is included in the intervention plan for residents of Maison Lyse-Beauchamp. However, there is a support group, also open to the community of the Antoine-Labelle area. L’Oasis is held every Tuesday from 14:00 to 16:00, in the conference room of the Maison Lyse-Beauchamp, located at 300, 12th Avenue, Ferme-Neuve.