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Le café de La Gare


In June 2012, we undertook the enormous task to mount from top to bottom a restaurant: The Cafe de La Gare.

Equip the kitchen; up accounting systems; staff training; develop menus; do public relations; move space to provide opportunities for groups to receptions and hold their meetings; developing a unique and innovative concept on how to bill customers and short, make Le Café de La Gare apart from other restaurants in the area by its high refined culinary level with its festive atmosphere.

From the beginning, the success was! We have hosted private parties, artisan markets, press conferences, festivals, painters, musicians, storytellers and performers. In addition, of course, to receiving guests, le Café is open from Monday to Friday at lunchtime from 11:30 to 13:30.

He appears upscale bistro, Café de La Gare is primarily a work reintegration plateau, that is to say, that all its workers have experienced at one time or another, difficult situations and they have been using our services as a transitional measure to promote a return to the labor market and find their place in society.

Le Café de La Gare is a voluntary contribution restaurant offering gastronomic menus.  It is located at 700, Vaudreuil Street in Mont-Laurier and you can make reservations by calling 819-623-4726.

Watch our Facebook page for the menu of the week.

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