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La popote communautaire

La popote communautaire is to promote healthy eating habits, break isolation, increase self-esteem and autonomy. It is, also, a place of exchange and discussion.

To do so, Gaetane Constantineau, Coordinator of La cuisine communautaire, manages and run’s the kitchen smoothly. La cuisine communautaire his lucky to have on is golden team, Marie-Claude Aubé, a very committed volunteer, as well as several individuals who benefit from a rehabilitation program. Besides, the kitchen is a workshop offered by Maison Lyse-Beauchamp in partnership with the CISSS of the Laurentians, the Ministry of Labour, CLE and with the Ministry of Justice. Now, a dynamic team ensures preparing meals five days a week, Monday to Friday. La cuisine communautaire is for both the residents of housing resources at Maison Lyse-Beauchamp as well as for the community of Antoine-Labelle. The price for a full meal is $ 4.00.