Un nouveau site web pour la Maison Lyse-Beauchamp est présentement en développement.

La Boutique à bois


But what is it?

Officially, it is a rehabilitation activity in the form of a workshop-boutique.
In fact, this is a space for creation, exploration and healing in the form of a workshop-boutique.

Officially, it is the participatory part of the measure of pre-employability of the CLE which aims to help participants become more independent, more socially and professionally integrated.

In fact these are tools, projects, tests, discussions, disorder, emotions, achievements and most of all, men and women in collective and active collaboration to their well-being and updating.

Officially, it is the beginning of a company “green vocation”, social and educational. A workshop-shop where you created or modify objects from discarded materials recovered and diverted from their original purpose.

In fact, this is the start of an adventure where everyone learns that he is able to create high quality objects both aesthetically and practically. Where everyone learns he is more able to accomplish as he thought.

In short, La Boutique à bois, is moving!

To be continued…